Installing Plug-Ins

This might belong over at the sketchUcation forum, but it might be of interest to others like me who are learning all the time.

I found a downloaded a plug-in based on advice I got in a post here. The plug in is Fredo’s Tools. I installed the Fredo Lib mgmt tool successfully but I cannot get the tools to install. Is there a way to install it in SU instead of through the sketchUcation interface?

Hello! If you’ve downloaded an RBZ file then you can easily install it. Go into the Extension tab in your Preferences and click on Install Extension, locate the RBZ and you’re done. If you’ve downloaded an RB file, you’ll have to manually install it by placing it into the Plugins folder of SketchUp.

Can you elaborate on this? What is happening? Error messages? Maybe we can help you with the original problem.

Thank you, VahePogossian!!!

It took me a bit to find the Preferences menu (Window>Preferences) but after that your instructions were clear and perfect. I now have the tools installed from my downloads folder using this process.

Thank you, again!

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Thanks, thomthom! I got the problem resolved.

The symptom was that after going through the installation process from sketchUcation without apparent error (no message popup) the plug-in was not in my list of extensions. I then downloaded the plug-in without going through their install process and didn’t know if it were possible and how to install it within SU. Mr. Pogossian put on the right track.

Fredo’s Lib is one of the few Extensions that needs a Sketchup restart after it’s installed.
That’s because of the way it interacts with other Fredo-Extensions…
Panic over…