Loading plug ins


Im a new user. Can anybody tell me how can I instal plug ins from the plug in store , I need to install LibFredo6 first I believe, what do I do with it after I have it in my downloads folder. I have read all the links but dont understand what to do next? Help please , thanks


Here is the help article concerning the installation of SketchUp plugin ruby scripts




HI Chris

Thanks for the reply I have now loaded some Fredo stuff . How do you launch them so they show up in a toolbar so you can use them, I cant figure it out. Also whats the difference between a plug in and an extension?
Again many thanks for your help.



for your usage you can consider a plugin = extension.

When you install an extension/plugin, they will more than likely show up under Preferences > Extensions area. Be sure that it is checked ON. Later, If you dont want it in your menu, you can turn it OFF from this dialog.

Once ON, it can be accessed by you. Most authors develop the extension to be activated either with a custom toolbar/button (View > Tool Pallets)

OR by putting it under the Plugins or Tools menu.

You will want to look to the authors page for this information.