All extensions disappeared after update

I am a fairly novice user. Paid up in full even though I am just a retired hobbyist working on ideas for my own house.
Received an email announcing update. Downloaded and installed and…all of the extensions I had found to be useful in recent weeks (including some I had paid for) are no longer available in Extension Manager. Off the top of my head I don’t even remember what they were called.
The previous version supported my 3DConnexion Spacemouse by default. Even that extension has disappeared.
Is there a way of recovering them all?
Is there a way of reinstalling the previous version? And if so, is there any point if all those extensions have gone anyway?

when you installed sketchup 2024, it installed a brand new version. meaning you don’t have to reinstall sketchup 2023, it’s still there. check your application folder. you’ll see 2023 and 2024

right now 2024 has not extensions, it’s a clean install. now you can either reinstall manually the extensions you need, or you can copy the old extensions into the new folder and see what needs updating

more about that here

the folders are located in the library, find out where here :

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I think I have reduced my panic level, having found that Sketchup 2024 has installed separately and that 2023 is still independently installed - complete with its extensions.

However, I really appreciate your response so quickly. Whilst I can continue using 2023 in peace, I really appreciate the information you provided to help me make the transition to 2024 in due course.

Thank you.

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beware of one thing, by default now, when you double click on a sketchup project, it’ll open sketchup 24.

if you want it to open with 23, either right click on it and “open with” or open sketchup23 and from there, file/open and pick your file.

for the rest, you’ll see that SU24 didn’t make some big radical changes, it’ll be faster but no extra toolbars or stuff like that.

take your time, and even after you migrate to 24, don’t delete 23 right away. you never know, and unless you’re strapped for disk space, there is no hurry :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help.

Very grateful

Just returning to this thorny problem of plugins and 2024. I went to the plugin folders as suggested. There are plugin folders for every version from 2015 to 2023. But nothing for 2024. So I have nowhere to copy the 2023 plugins to? Am I being dumb here? Or do I have to try and import each one separately from the 2023 folder from within 2024?

what ?
you mean you don’t have a
~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2024/SketchUp/Plugins
folder ?

well if you don’t - and that’s weird - you could always just install manually the plugins through the extension warehouse.

Not a mac user but I would suspect like windows there is no plugin folder until you add a plugin.

If you have any extensions from Sketchucation, go there and get the current version of the Sketchucation Extension Store tool. You’ll have to install the latest version of it especially if you have any of Fredo6’s paid extensions. Use Install Extension to install the Sketchucation Extension Store and then open that to install your bundle of extensions from Sketchucation. It’ll do that with just a few clicks and get at least some of your extensions installed correctly. Then you’ll also have a Plugins folder for SketchUp 2024.

sketchup comes with sandbox and dynamic components by default doesn’t it ?
so after the first launch, there should be a plugin folder. I know that in my case, there was.

As I said, not mac specific but I know for many year sandbox etc have been delivered as ‘tools’ and not extensions and as such a clean installation doesn’t/didn’t have a plugin folder in windows.

I think I was being dumb, and not fully appreciating your warning about the tilde.
The list of Sketchup folders I was referring to were in fact in MacBook Name/Library/Application Support. Whereas the folders you referred to are in MacBook Name/USERS/Library/Application Support.
And the 2024 folder - with its plugin sub folder - is indeed there.

Thanks again.

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Yes. On Mac, SketchUp doesn’t create anything except the Applications subfolder when you install, and all it does then is copy the apps from the dmg to that folder. It creates the other necessary folders and populates them the first time you run SketchUp.