Can't remove pro tools from downgraded Sketchup 2017

I started years ago with sketchup, and recently got a MacBook and installed it on there. But I installed the Pro version by mistake, because they make it confusing on the download page (always have). I really have no interest in the pro version. So after the trial period expired, I had a Sketchup 2018 folder. with 2017 in it.

Fine and dandy, but every time I open it it says I have two extensions that need to be updated. One for Advanced Camera Tools and one for Trimble Connect. Both are pro tools that I don’t need or want. And ignoring the dialog every time I open SketchUp is annoying and undesirable.

So I uninstalled them and restarted SketchUp and got the same notice.

Then I logged out and logged back in like so many, many people suggested and tried again.

Same problem.

Then recently, I got an upgrade notice, and downloaded the .dmg and installed it.

Now I have a 2017 and a 2018 folder. Running the (newer) one in the 2017 folder gives me the same problem. I updated two of the regular (non-pro) extensions, but it would not actually uninstall the same two pro ones listed there. It looked like it did… but when I restarted Sketchup, the same notice came back.

The version in the 2017 folder is 17.3.116
I dragged the 2018 folder to the trash, as it is actually older - 17.2.xxxx

They can’t be removed but if you update them, you won’t get the message indicating that they need to be updated.

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