Skp Icons blank 2017

I am on Pro2017…
When I opened a skp file today a box asked me to download Pro2018…
When I did it was only a 30 trial version that otherwise wanted full price for mere upgrade… so I uninstalled it.

Problem is… 2018skp hijacked all of my settings.
When I click on an existin file to open… instead of 2017 opening, 2018 opens (minus all my plugins and settings)…
I have to open in other painful ways involving more steps… It makes me feel like the 2018 program is bullying me (*even after I UNINSTALLED 2018).

How do I reset my Pro2017 to work the way it should?


Oh… also… Since I installed and uninstalled 2018, I keep getting messages that extensions need updating but when I try to update it says I cant update…

Not a user friendly experience…
Anyway… Thanks for the help.

Cleaning the registry of the computer with CCleaner and temporary files would fix this problem for me in the past. Also, try reinstalling 2017, if it doesn’t help. (Don’t forget to instal with Administrative Privileges.)

Thanks… I tried C cleaner… [Did not fix]

If I reload 2017… would that mean I have to reload all my extensions?

Unfortunately yes. Uninstalling and reinstalling means starting from scratch. If you have custom shortcuts I’d suggest exporting the Preferences File from the Window > Preferences. Can you also provide a screenshot of how your icons look?

Actuall, there is no reason your plugin folder should have been altered.

If your extensions were installed correctly and you didn’t remove the folders, they would still be in User?App Data/Roaming… They should not get uninstalled by uninstalling SketchUp.

Thanks for that advice.
App Data/Roaming… I assume Sketchup placed that there when I installed it.

I will finish off my current project, then give it a go next week.

Have a great day

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