"Pro" extensions continually re-appear in "Make", and prompt to be updated despite being uninstalled repeatedly

Hi. I’m using SketchUp Make and now have version 2017. Recently when I click past the startup splash screen, I get a popup notification to update two extensions. They are “Advanced Camera Tools (Pro Only)” and “Trimble Connect (Pro Only)”. Don’t know where they came from as I don’t have Pro. If I try to update them in the Extension Manager, I get the error message “Failed to update extension. Unable to read extension archive.” I have the option to Uninstall them, which I’ve done several times, successfully it seems. But then they show up again with the same update prompt the next time I launch the program. Are there some files that I can locate and delete to make this stop happening?

Thanks for any help!

Tom Stanley

Was it SU 2017 Pro trial that reverted to Make after trial expired, or did you download and install Make from the get-go?

Actually, I think that might be it. I did consider upgrading a while back and put Pro on for a short while then decided it didn’t justify the cost for my needs. In the meantime, I have uninstalled the two extensions, but then immediately re-installed them within Make. Now at least it doesn’t prompt for an update each time a launch. Weird. Thanks for your help!

in the “Window > Extension Manager” log-off, log-in (upper right) and update then.

If this doesn’t help, log-in to the Extension Warehouse and update or remove from there.

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