Can't uninstall extensions: Advanced Camera Tools (Pro Only) and Trimble Connect (Pro Only). They keep reappearing each time i open Sketchup

As the title says. Each time I open sketchup I’m greeting with an annoying prompt that tells me that i have extensions that need updating. But when i go into my extension manager, the only two extensions that need updating are the two mentioned in the title. And they’re pro only, so i can’t update them!

So, i click uninstall obviously, but when i close and reopen sketchup, they’re back and need updating again! I just can’t seem to get rid of them, which wouldn’t be a problem if not for the annoying popup i have to close each time i open the program. And yes, I’ve restarted my pc and everything, and both extensions ARE disabled.

You can’t permanently uninstall those extensions. Just update them and the information message telling you they need updating will stop appearing.

That’s not true. You can update them from the Extension Manager. If you still have the older version of Trimble Connect, go to the Extension Warehouse and install the newer one, Trimble Connect 2.0.

You can’t permanently uninstall those extensions

Then tell me what the purpose of this button is? If that really is true then this is some horrible design on Sketchup’s part.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be there. Don’t let your hobby ruin your day. Update the extensions to get rid of the message on startup and move on.

“Perhaps”. I say definitely. There’s no way this isn’t an error on Sketchup’s part. If it says Uninstall of course users are going to expect it to uninstall, not reinstall itself every time it opens. It also doesn’t make sense that i have to download and update these extensions if they’re only for pro use when i have a free license.

It’s just a stupid system and any user who encounters this will undoubtedly be frustrated with the design.

It’s what it is and as long as you’re using SketchUp Make, it’s not going to change. Update the extensions and disable them on the Home page and get on with your day.

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You’re acting like this is just something users need to accept as a crappy feature in an otherwise good program. Let’s not pretend that this isn’t a noticeably bad design flaw on sketchup’s part. They deserve to know when they make bad design choices, otherwise they’ll never fix them.

I’m not pretending anything. You seem to be letting this ruin your day and it’s not worth it. You’re using a free program for your hobby and this is a very tiny flaw that’s not worth getting so upset about. Since there won’t be any updates to SketchUp 2017 Make, it’s not going to change. You can disable the extensions if you wish. This isn’t a problem for SketchUp Pro users and maybe they’ll remove the Uninstall option in the future but that won’t affect SketchUp Make.

I gave you information on how to get past the update message.

The only person ruining my day is you, insisting that this is a very tiny flaw. It’s really really not, it’s horribly unintuitive, and it’s a problem that anyone who spends 1 second in sketchup make 2017 version will notice since the popup is right there from the very start. If this was an issue that was very hard to replicate and only happened when i used a specific tool at a specific angle i would be fine with it because those bugs are hard to find. But this is such an obvious mistake that it’s hard for me to let them get a free pass on it.

And i don’t think it’s fair to say that because this isn’t a problem for pro users it’s somehow not an important issue. Very ignorant statement.

It’s not getting through to you that this is not going to change in SketchUp Make. You can update the extensions so the alert message doesn’t pop up when you start SketchUp. End of story for SketchUp Make users.

I understood that, but that’s not an excuse not to criticize it.

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