Uninstalled extension keep showing up

Tried to uninstall camera extension, trimble connect and some more through extension manager. No luck. Deleted them from the plugins folder. Stil there. Someone any idea what am I missing in the deletion process?

Those can’t be deleted. SketchUp looks for them when it opens and installs them automatically to the Plugins folder if it finds they are missing. Instead of deleting them, just disable them in the Extension Manager. Why would you want to delete them anyway?

Tx, As with extensions I want a sketchup as clean as possible. Things not needed or wanted go out. Trimble connect is of no use, so deleting is a good option in my opinion. It should be deletable.

Well, the only option is to disable it in the Extension Manager.

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It seems to be a bit of bloatware then. Pity.

This is the fix: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lxsloXP1cpuYKBO1JgdSOphqLxUxzwBHH9rQZMio25M/edit

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