How to remove "pro only" tools?

I tried “extension warehouse” that is useless in removing these extensions (advanced camera tools, trimble connect) that are “pro only” and prompt to update all the time. Why is such bloatware left in skecthup make? I don’t want to update either as newer the software the more of this “pro only” bloatware there is.
Who programmed this software, first year apprentice?

Just don’t activate their icons, easy-peasy.

You won’t get rid of Trimble Connect, it reinstalls as soon as you remove it.

You can disable them from loading via the Extension Manager.

But you cannot uninstall them via the EM. They will get reinstalled (from a distribution subfolder of the program’s binary folder) if removed from the User “Plugins” folder, upon the next SketchUp session.

No guarantees (if the application still works) if you also delete them from the "ShippedExtensions" distribution subfolder within the program’s binary folder. But it may be worth a try.

It’s also part of ‘doing business’, you also have to agree upon the terms when you start. I have had a few occasions after a bugsplat when SketchUp decided not to load any extension at all, the extension manager was totally empty and it seemed to work ok.
I doubt the programming was done by one person, it usually takes a whole team for that, if it was programmed by a first year apprentice, I would certainly hire him/her!

Originally more than 20 years ago, it was invented by a couple of college grads.

The distribution of the Trimble Connect collaboration extension is a corporate marketing policy, not something a mere programmer has authority to decide to include or not.

The inclusion of the ACT extension is debatable however. I myself do not think that the user base for film and stage production is large enough to support this decision. I myself would have chosen the North Angle tool extension instead of the ACT extension.


If you’d just go ahead and update them, the prompt would quit. They don’t actually get updated very often.


@DanRathbun - Already disabled with no effect.
@DaveR - Since when weekly updating is rarely? If it was that easy and once a year for example I would have done so already. Plus I have no use for these tools even if it wasn’t behind the paywall.

Which extension is indicating it needs updating. Look at the Extension Warehouse to see the last update dates. Assuming you installed SketchUp correctly it shouldn’t be a recurring problem.

In any case, the update message shows up on screen in the lower right corner for a few seconds when you start a new SketchUp session and then it goes away. Since you are using this for your hobby, I don’t really see that it should be a problem.

No effect is what effect? They still get loaded ? Or they still signal updates available?

If the latter, yes there is no current User feature to disable updates for individual extensions.

However there might be a “hack”. The EW uses a file "extension_info.txt" to determine the installed version. If this file is missing, then EW considers the extension to be a manual or 3rd party store install, and will not check it for updates.

The only caveat may be that SketchUp may recopy this file into the user extension subfolder (from the distribution folder) when it starts if it detects the file is missing.

Another thing is that the hash or signature files may detect it’s missing and display an error message.
You’d need to set your Extension Load Policy to “Unrestricted” in the Extension Manager.

What Dan said here:

No guarantees (if the application still works) if you also delete them from the "ShippedExtensions" distribution subfolder within the program’s binary folder. But it may be worth a try.

may put the program into a “not covered by support” state, but as you’re using the Make version you don’t get support anyway. So, try closing SketchUp, delete the extensions in here:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Plugins

and here:

C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\ShippedExtensions

then open SketchUp again, and they should be gone permanently.

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You might wish to keep Dynamic Components and Sandbox Tools if you need them.

Thanks for help.