Uninstalled extension keep showing up (redux)

There was a previous thread about this back in 2017 that is now closed, but I’m experiencing the same problem and need to ask the same question.

As that poster said, “Tried to uninstall camera extension, trimble connect and some more through extension manager. No luck. Deleted them from the plugins folder. Stil there. Someone any idea what am I missing in the deletion process?”

I’ve gone through the steps to disable both the camera extension and Trimble connect. Doesn’t matter; every time I open SketchUp, I get the same message: “There are two extensions ready to be updated.”

Well, I’ve updated those two extensions through the Extensions Manager, even though I’m using Make, and not Pro. But that annoying message won’t go away. I’ve tried uninstalling both extensions through the Extensions Warehous, but as noted in the original thread, they really can’t be uninstalled–they reappear as soon as I restart SketchUp. And, of course, I get the same message.

How do I get rid of this annoying error message? And is there really no way to get rid of these two extensions that I don’t want and won’t ever use?

Yes this is true.

Do you mean a popup notification balloon in the lower left corner at startup?
Notifications are informational and not necessarily “errors”.

What version of Trimble connect? There was a recent bug that required you manually download the Trimble Connect RBZ externally, and install it using the “Install Extension” button at the bottom of the Extension Manager.

So I’d try this. Open an external browser and navigate to the EW and manually download the RBZ archives for these two offending extensions, then manually install them and restart SketchUp.

P.S. - I’ve not had any issues switching on and off extensions in the Extension Manager w/ SU2017 & Win10.

Thanks, I’ll try that

That works. Thank you.