Failed to update Trimble connect

A week or two ago I got an extension message at SketchUp runtime you can see on the following video.

[video removed]

Every time I run SketchUp I get it!

How to remove?

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First thing to try is to log out and back in again. Icon in bottom left corner of Sketchup window. And see if that fixes it.

If not, go to the Extension Warehouse and download Trimble connect and install it using the install extension button in the extension manager.

You cannot remove it as SU will look for it and reinstall it.


Also see other existing threads on this topic such as:


Thanks for the fix. It works!

Have a good day

Here. is the link to Trimble Connect
Why have you asked for something then deleted your posts!

Thanks a lot.
Now it’s working well.
Thanks again Box ^^

Hi there,

Hoping someone might be able to help me please. I’m getting the same message as above ‘failed to update…’ and when I click ‘install extension’ it brings up a location window. Does anyone know what I am looking for here?


There is a link in the post two above yours hiding under the word Here.
Follow that link to the Extension warehouse and use the Download button top right to download the .rbz file for Trimble Connect.

Then when you click install extension and it opens a ‘location’ window, navigate with that window to the folder where you downloaded the file that should look something like su_trimble_connect-2.0.2.rbz and select it.
This should then install the newest version of Trimble Connect, which solves any current auto-update problems.

Hi Box, thanks for getting back to me.

I have followed the link but when I click on the download button nothing happens. Any ideas?


Are you logged into the warehouse when you click the download button or does it say , sign in, just above or near the button.
It could be your browser, have you tried a different one.
As you are on a Mac I can’t offer any specifics.

Nah, I can’t figure it out. how important is Trimble Connect, I’ve uninstalled it! Thanks for your help.

It’s not important if you aren’t using it, but it will continue to remind you to update it.

OK I’ll leave it uninstalled for now, Thanks for your help today.

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