Sketchup 2017 Extension Manager will not update

Extension manager will not update.
Go to the Extension Manager and click on the extension to be updated and I get the message.

But I am signed in and I have a licensed version…SO What is going on?
Anyone know?

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most of the time you can solve this as follows:
(from within SketchUp)
log out of your account
log back into your account
try the update now

I say most of the time since I have a persistent problem with Trimble Connect, it does not respond to this fix. But I don’t use it (comes bundled with SU) so I’m not too fussed about getting it updated. Hopefully SU2018 will have this kind of problem fixed.

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This issue is being reported by a significant minority of users and Trimble is aware of it - though only workarounds, not definitive fixes, are known at this time. See for example team replies in

Does this have anything to do with the Version 2018 Extensions in the warehouse? Version 2018 has not been released yet but 2018 Extensions have been in the Warehouse for at least 3 to 4 weeks!

I doubt it. The warehouse itself doesn’t care what SketchUp versions an extension supports. Something was tweaked in the back end and the EW has gotten both slow and error-prone lately.

Here is a workaround for this that is definitely working:

Hey, Thanks Katya, yes that worked. Appreciate it.

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