Uninstall Trimble Connect

Trying to uninstall Trimble Connect. I’m on a Pro license.
Keep getting the failure to update error. I know there’s a fix for it - I’m tired of logging out and logging in to update an extension I never, ever use (I along with the rest of the architectural world have already figured out my cloud solution and it ain’t Trimble Connect, GTFOH). Disabling has zero effect on condition. Can this extension be uninstalled from SU Pro or not?

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+1 on this.

I gave Trimble connect a try and was frustrated enough to look elsewhere.

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I want to get rid o Dynamic Components and Advanced Camera Tools. Unfortunately SketchUp silently installs shipped extensions back when you try to remove them.

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For some reason TC will not update via the Extension Manager. You have to download it’s RBZ manually and install the update via the “Install Extension…” button.

I keep it switched off, but when I get sick of it wanting to be updated (ie meaning the notification popup during the load cycle,) I’ll do the maunal update and make sure it’s still switched off.

Sometimes takes a few restarts of SketchUp to stop the notifications.

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It’s a sad state.
Excellent Face Creator, BTW. I use it to this day.

Yea, mine’s pretty wonky. Notification goes away after signing out and signing in, and then comes back to see me again months later because it misses me apparently. I guess my point in all this is that if the extension is that sketchy, maybe make it uninstallable.

I think the auto update problems may arise from using compiled code libraries that cannot be unloaded “on the fly” under Windows (either that or it opens a network socket and can’t let go.) But then I have it switched off, so the libs should not be loaded. Go figure?

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That’s a little over my head, but makes sense. I’m with you on it being switched off. Shouldn’t be affecting anything if it’s not loaded.

So what are you using to collaborate, then? Just being curious.
When introduced, I was also not impressed, but it keeps developing.
I know several (large) companies have adapted it in their workflow.

We are using Google Drive with pretty good success. Crews in the field can pull up a model on their tablet and view using the Sketchup Viewer app, which is pretty slick.


We use Dropbox for business. Have tried Onedrive/Sharepoint but sharing files outside of the company was an issue. It’s simple and it just works, especially for the various types of files that need to be shared by our company (PDF, DWG, SKP, etc.). For us, a simple cloud solution was all we needed.

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What version of SketchUp are we talking about here?

SU Pro 2019

You do know that it takes less time to log out and back in than it does to post a thread about it.

Simply logging out occasionally and back in can clean out all sorts of issues. Those of us that do don’t need to disable or uninstall Trimble Connect or manually install .rbz or anything else.

Have you seen this for any other extension?

Seen what exactly? The problem of having to log out and back in to update or extensions that don’t uninstall?

The login/logout to update issue.

This is the only one.

Just to be clear, you have installed Sketchup by right clicking on the .exe install file and choosing Run as Administrator.
The at some point you have signed out then signed back in with your relevant details.
Having done this the Trimble Connect extension should continue to function without disturbing anything.
If however you have tried not to sign out and back and tried to uninstall or disable the extension it will probably continue to bother you.

there are three versions 2019, btw, 2019.2 being the one that needed an update of TC…