Extension updates confusion

Upon opening Sketchup (Pro 2018) this morning on my iMac, I’m greeted with a dialog that a number of my installed extensions have updates to be installed and I have the option to open extension manager or ignore. i open the manager and start clicking on the update buttons.

In the manager I get a dialog “Failed to update (for instance) Trimble Connect. Unable to complete download.” while simultaneously in the upper right of my screen (what I assume to be) a Mac OS notification appears declaring that “One extension updated successfully.” with option to “open” or “ignore”.

Both dialogs cannot be correct. Anyone know what is going on? This has happened before…



I have experienced the same thing the past two days on a Win10 machine. Specifically, Advanced Camera and Trimble Connect. My first reaction was I was not longed in, but upon double checking, saw that I was (with Extension Manager).

You can try to log out and log in again.


Thanks, Cotty, that worked like a charm. Pretty obvious now… d’oh!