SU Pro Update Old to New Environment

Just updated SU Pro (Version 22.0.353). Like I am starting over again from the beginning, what a PITA! But I digress. I should know this by now, but is there an easier way to duplicate the settings and extensions from the previous version other than manually re-creating the previous environment? iMac (Monterey). Thanks for your help.

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Sketchucation has a utility for installing your extensions in bulk. Gotta do 'em all one at a time for anything from the EW, or elsewhere. Don’t copy and paste them from the plugin folder in 20** to 2022, you’ll probably have issues.

Keyboard shortcuts should come over automatically. You can copy your templates, custom materials, components, and styles and paste them into the equivalent directories in SU2022. As @LinearGraphs advises, install extensions fresh from their sources. IF you use d the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to install extensions from Sketchucation, you can install the current version into SU2022 and use it to install your extension bundle from Sketchucation and get the current versions of them. This one help for extensions from the Extension Warehouse. You’ll still need to install them one at a time. Consider it a chance to do some house cleaning though.

When I migrate to a new version of SketchUp I make a screen shot of the previous version to see which toolbars I have out. Then I import that image into a session of the new version so I Have a reference while setting them up.

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Thanks Dave. Is your suggestion for a Windows machine? I am on a Mac.

My suggestion applies to both Mac and Windows.

Tried search for the utility, but could not find it. Is it for Windows only?

What utility? Where were you searching? The Sketchucation Extension Store works on both Windows and Mac.

I was searching on the main Sketchucation website.

Look in the Extension Store or just use the link I added for you in my previous post.

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Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the extension store.
You see two options- I think that’s because I have 2021 and 2022.


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Braden, click on the red icon at the top of your Extension Store panel and update the Extension Store. Yours is out of date. :wink:


pffttt!! Ya’ got me!


4.2.9 is VERY new… I just got 4.2.8 not much more than a week ago. You rascal.