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I need to upgrade my SketchUp. I just want to go to the download page without having to act like a new buyer or going through all the advertisements. Under Trimble connect I am only offered to download 2020. I want 2019. I am looking for the download page where different versions are offered.

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Thanks! The link certainly looks appropriately named! I just didn’t see how to get to it.

There is not an easy and/or logical way to get it. You have to click at least 10 times and think a different way than usual to be able to download… or:
Bookmark it for future use (as I did) :slight_smile:

On this page …
… a little way down, there is a license entry box
beneath a label “Need to install an older version of SketchUp?”.

It seems to me this may be a difficulty for subscription users.


That would be a nice box to have in the Trimble account. At the present my account says I have no license and no payments. I guess I’m a nobody who’s been owning a SketchUp license since AtLast!

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That page only shows subscription products. If you put in your serial number and email address into this page, you’ll see the state of your license:

Unfortunately, that page will only send you the details of your latest license. If you’re entitled to 2020 but want the authorization code for 2019, you would need to look for the license email that came to you a year ago. Or I can tell you what it is.

Thanks Colin. No problem with the license. ( I just thought one’s login page would be the place for that info). I just needed to get a newer version of 19 and once I found it, everything worked out.

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