Where to download Sketchup 2020? Trouble authorizing updated account

I tried to transfer sketchup to our other PC and now I cannot use my account.

Our company purchased Sketchup 2019 (now known as classic license). Unbeknownst to us, the license was “upgraded” to 2020. Because of this, our keys and authorizations no longer work with the 2019 version.

I have both the key and authorization, I just don’t know where to get sketchup 2020. I can send sketchup 2019 to other PCs because I have it downloaded, but we don’t have sketchup 2020. Using sketchup 2019 it tells us the new code only works with 2020.

Surely someone in the community can help us out here. The website doesn’t seem to have Sketchup 2020 in the downloads area, any help?
It says our 2019 sketchup is not compatible with the new key, and it gives us an updated key for sketchup 2020.

I can’t be the only one with this issue.

Well support for 2019 and 2020 has been discontinued, but I’m sure a SketchUp staffer will come along and see this and maybe they can help. But this is primarily a user based forum, so you might have better luck reaching out to support direct.


Ah shoot, well thanks for the help anyway Mike. I see it’s possible to download Sketchup2020 from third party sites, I’d just prefer to get it from the real deal.

Otherwise, suppose that is what I will do. Thanks!

You can download SketchUp 2020 here: Download-Center – SketchUp 3D Modellierer Keep in mind that it hasn’t been supported for a while. The web-based services like the Warehouses and Add Location haven’t supported 2020 for a couple of years.

The link is a safe source. You won’t get it from Trimble, though.