New computer:download my 2020 Sketch (purchased version)

where can I download a copy of my 2020 sketch to my new Mac?
I have a license and an authorization code



You can get SketchUp 2020 here: SketchUp 3D Modellierer – Download-Center

Note that 2020 will not support current Mac OS versions. You may or may not have problems because of that.

Please update your forum profile information. It shows you are using SU2019 on Catalina with an ancient Nvidia GPU.


I can’t find a place to update my profile
I clicked on my photo icon but can’t find edit profile or such

Click on your avatar. Then the person icon.
Screenshot - 6_26_2023 , 8_23_15 AM
Then the gear icon.
Screenshot - 6_26_2023 , 8_23_29 AM
And then Profile.
Screenshot - 6_26_2023 , 8_23_50 AM
Scroll down and make the changes. Then save. You might want to poke around in the other areas there, too.