Transfering skp from 2021 to 2020

I am pretty new to sketchup, i’m a student. Working on my mac temporarily and have both the 2020 and 2021 versions installed. Started a model using Sketchup Pro 2021 and my computer is waaayyyy too slow for this. Tried opening the model in my 2020 version and it says it needs to be opened in the 2021 version, it also wont let me insert the model either. Any way to work around this? Really dont want to continue to work on the extra slow 2021 version, its taking me forever. Thanks!

From the SketchUp 2021 File menu you can choose Save As, and pick SketchUp Version 2020 from the Save As Type menu.

Before you do that, try deselecting Profiles from the View, Edge Style menu. That may make things enough faster for you to stay in 2021.

I am not expecting 2020 to be faster for you.