Macbook Pro 2012 w/OS Sierra

I have this older MacBook Pro, updated as far as it can go, apparently, to OS Sierra. I had Skup 2019, then accepted a Sketchup Pro 2020 trial version, did some work on it, but did not save back to my older version. Without realizing my system incompatibility, I bought Skup 2020, but of course I could not open it due to my older OS.
First, it pisses me off that I could use the trial but not the actual Skup! (my fault for not being diligent about compatible software)
Second, I am actually willing to buy a new computer.
My question is, can I then transfer my work from the 2020 trial and be able to use it with the Skup 2020 I have in my applications?
Many thanks for any info!

Sure, of you have saved those files somewhere, you can upload them to and download a lower version.
With the bought subscription (I presume) you can even download 2019 and wait a little longer with updating your system.
(One of the benefits of the subscription license is that you can log in in older versions, from 2019 and upwards)

Thank you!! I will try that. Sounds like I can keep using the 2019 if I can download my 2020 to a lower version of the files.