New release of SU Pro 20.2

I just downloaded the latest version of SU Pro, 20.2. After installing, I checked the downloaded version and it’s not 20.2 but 20.1. What am I missing? It appears that LayOut has been upgraded to 20.2 but both Style Builder and SU Pro are still 20.1. Correct?

SketchUp should also be 2020.2.xxxx

How did you go about installing it?

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I logged into Trimble and then to SU Product Downloads. There I clicked the link to download SU Pro 2020.2 for Mac OSX.
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But that doesn’t actually install it.

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What do you mean it doesn’t install? I downloaded the file to my computer.

It doesn’t look like you’ve made any changes to it. It still says you are using SketchUp 2018.

Downloading a program to your computer doesn’t install it. Find the downloaded installer, double click on it and when the window opens showing the application and the Applications folder, drag SketchUp into Applications. See the installation instructions for Mac here:

Been there done that. I omitted that in my explanation because it’s a no brainer.

I thought updating a profile was, too, but…

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Assumption is the mother of all ****-ups !
If you don’t tell us what you’ve done how might we know it ?
It might be a ‘no-brainer’ to you… but if you don’t tell us, we’re not psychic…

Assuming you have downloaded the correct 2020.2 installer, and that you have then run it to install it…
Have you restarted your computer so that the changes are registered ?

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After the third attempt, and I clicked replace each time I downloaded the file, it finally copied the file to my hard drive. So just an operator problem.

So it was PEBKAC ?
[Problem Exists Between the Keyboard and the Chair = you :wink:]

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If SketchUp 2020.1 was running when you attempted the install, macOS will fail to overwrite it with the update. This is true for all apps, not just SketchUp but many installers kill the running version as a precaution.

2020.2 brought back the regular install method.

A window with two icons would pop up, and you have to drag the SketchUp icon in the applications folder icon.

That’s it.
No copying or whatever. The replace warning should pop up if the prior SketchUp 2020 folder in the Application folder existed.

As @slbaumgartner said, make sure every instance of SketchUp is closed before installing.