SketchUp 2019.2

As soon as I saw the news about the SU 2019.2 release on the SketchUp blog, I followed the link to download the changes. But nothing happened. All I got was SU 2019, which I already have. Am I doing something wrong?

Did you download the installer/dmg file from Download All | SketchUp ?

2019.2 is a subset of 2019. What you already have is probably 2019.0 or 2019.1. Sadly the minor version number isn’t communicated on the download website, even if it this minor version has significant changes.

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Is the update free for those who have the 19.1.174 version or is it a patch you have to pay for?

yes, you may even get v20 free if it’s release and your lic start date timings right…


The upgrade to 20.0 would happen for people who have an active maintenance and support subscription when it’s released. Anyone who bought a brand new license of 19 also receives one year of M&S starting when they purchased.

I’m still confused. I have version 19.1.173. I did download the .dmg installer, and I restarted the computer afterward. No new features appeared, though. I upgraded to version 19 earlier this year; do I need to buy another year’s maintenance and support?

did you instal it? what does About SketchUp report…


Yes, I downloaded and installed 2019 and restarted the computer afterward. But alll that seems to do is reinstall SU 2019 version 19.1.173. None of the changes touted for 2019 version 2.0 have appeared.

you could rename your SketchUp 2019 folder in Applications to SketchUp 2019_1 and try the install again…

if it’s still not 19.2 then you grabbed the wrong installer…


As far as I can tell, there’s only one installer: SketchUp 2019. So there’s little chance of getting the wrong one.

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Tried what john_drivenupthewall suggested. Now I have 2 SU folders in Applications. The latest install still gives me the old version of SU Pro, with none of the updates. Still v. 19.1.173. What am I doing wrong?And there’s only one choice to install Pro 2019; I can’t go wrong there.

I checked, and I think you’re under support until next May, so you certainly are entitled to 19.2 without paying anything new. Any other updates before May next year will be covered too.

One thing that can go wrong is if you do the install while SketchUp is still open. Then you get a mixture of versions in the folder.

If you go to the SketchUp menu and choose About SketchUp, you should see this:

I think I might mention to someone that the copyright year could be updated.


When you install SU2019.2 “over” SU2019, you should see a dialog/alert asking if you want to replace the older SketchUp 2019 folder.

At the bottom of the first post on this thread, there’s a link to download 2019.2.

Hope that helps you get the latest version, if it isn’t on the download/all page.

Maybe you need to refresh the window in download/all to get the latest update there?

The download all page is already giving 19.2.

Thanks for confirming that, @colin. I don’t know then what’s stopping @davidheim1 from getting the latest SU2019.2.

Well, the umpteenth time is the charm. Finally got version 2.0, with the new features. Thanks to everyone for all the help.

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I too have the same problem. Since receiving news about the update 19/July I’ve tried daily, using the original link to download, and the thread mentioned above in the first post. My license is good with Maintenance & Support. I’ve un-installed a couple of times to have a clean slate. It also asks if I want to replace an older version with what I’ve downloaded. But I always come up with 19.0.684 and none of the new features mentioned. Any further ideas - or should I just keep trying daily and hope for the best?

restart your system especially if you haven’t done that the last several weeks/month/years.

Ensure that the downloaded setup routine of SUP 2019.2-EN f. macOS = SketchUpPro-2019-en.dmg does have a file size of (currently) 181.508.525 bytes (see properties).

Quit SU before installing, do not install with limited user rights.