My Sketchup 2018 says I have latest version even though 2019 exists!

Hey everyone, for some reason the usual message that a new version is available hasn’t popped up in Sketchup for me. And when I check for updates it says I have the latest version.
I’m in Australia and my maintenance and support / license expiry date is 2019/09/19.

I’m keen to have the 2019 improvements I’ve been seeing in tutorials.
Can anyone help?

Yep, the way that is handled is a little confusing. What it says is that you have the latest version of SU2018 (from which you ran the check), what it unfortunately doesn’t say is that SU2019 has been released.

You should have received an e-mail by now announcing the release of SU2019. Else go to the SU website and navigate to the licence manager and request your new serial (seeing that you have active M&S).

Sounds like a badly phrased message to me :confused: .

Thanks so much Julian and eneroth3 for replying. An email has magically arrived from Sketchup re sending my 2019 license info. All I did was post this thread and it happened fast. Its so wonderful I’m now downloading Sketchup 2019!

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