Received but didn't order SU2022

I recently received an “UPDATE” for Sketchup while starting a session. My choice was not to continue with SU beyond 2021 due to the price and subscription issues. I think my Maintenance is still good until June, so I thought this was a fix to some SU2021 problem. After loading it stated SU2022. . What has occurred? Are the wires crossed in the update center, or is this some fix on SU2021?

SketchUp 2021 did have an update, which for the Windows version is here:

You could uninstall and ignore 2022 if you’re not interested in a subscription.

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Thanks @colin for the link. I don’t see any release notes for 2021.1.332.116 yet?

Thank you for this update.

Aaah, thanks. So SU 2021.1.2 release is the same as 2021.1.332.116 (Windows).