Installing an earlier Sketchup version

I recently did a fresh windows install with SU2022 but, in haste, forgot to install SU2021 first, which i now realise I could now do with.

Is there a workaround to install the older version or is the only option to uninstall SU22 first?

You should just be able to go ahead and install 2021 also without issue

Hi Adam

That’s what i had hoped but I get a warning that an earlier version of SU has been installed and the installion quits.

Yeah, I think that warning has come about because the file structure of 21 and 22 are similar, unlike earlier versions. 21 can open 22 files unlike before.
So you may need to uninstall, install and install.


I beleive there is a bug surrounding this - it should let you install without issue.
Do you have any sketchup plugins that also have installers in the add/remove programs areas?
Enscape for example.

Thanks for all for the quick info. I’ll try the uninstall/reinstall 2022.

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