Can't seem to install 2021

I’m running into an issue where I’m trying to install 2021 but every time I do I receive a message that says " A later version of SketchUp Pro 2021 is already installed on this machine" yet I’ve never installed 2021 on this pc before. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you the only one using the machine?
What does the explorer say when you go to C:/Programfiles/SketchUp/

I am the only user. Ive just gone through and done a hard uninstall of all skp related files, so theres nothing there. But, I’m still getting the same issue.

Finally got it working.

Had to uninstall all my other sketchup related plugins (skatter, Enscape, V-Ray, Transmutr etc). Looks like it was a plugin conflict.

Thank you fir sharing.

I have the very same isdue.
I have got already SU 2020 Pro instalked with a lot of plugins.
Thea, Skatter, Bray, Transmutr and many others.

I would like to avoid to uninstall the old version of SU with the plugins.

It should be some real reason of the issue
I have never had such surprise with any program.
I am about to install the 2021 on the recovery image restoration.
Previously on the most recent version of the disk state SU 2021 was installed.

Thank you in advance for any helpful piece of advice.