Installing SketchUp Pro 2021

I have been using Sketchuppro for 10+ years now in the architectural industry and was using 2020 up until just last week when I tried to upgrade to 2021. When I try to download the 2021 trial it gives me this pop-up: “A later version of SketchUpPro2021 is already installed on this machine. The setup cannot continue”. I cannot find where/if this is truly installed on my computer (Microsoft Surface) but I cannot complete the install. Anyone else find a solution to this issue?

You could download the installer again, to make sure you have the latest one (it was updated recently):

If you still have the problem you should go into the add and remove programs control panel, and search the list of apps for ‘21’. If SketchUp is installed it would show in the list, and you could then uninstall it, before trying the installer again.

I have downloaded the installer 5 times already in the last 4 days. I have checked the add and remove programs in the control panel each of those 5 times and I even removed SketchUpPro2020 in case that was the problem, but there is no SketchUp listed on my device.

Thank you for your help, but there must be another error somehow.