SketchUp 2021- Final Perpetual License - Expiration 05/2021 - Unable To Receive Activation Code

When I select ‘Email My Authorization Code’ I do not receive it.
Perhaps it’s not instantaneous. And, yes, I checked my SPAM box also.
One other issue. When I attempt to log into my account to access the web version, that’s not an option either.
As noted in my topic description, I paid for my final perpetual SketchUp Pro license in May of this year.
Please advise.

FYI: When I sign out and then sign back in, this same message appears.

Your two licenses are under a email address. I will try sending them.

Check that email address now.

Thank you for your response, Colin.
Just to confirm, my email address is ●●●●●●●●●●●●●@●●●●●.●●●
At the time of this posting, I have not received your email.

Would it be possible to have the authorization code(s) texted to me @ ●●● - ●●● - ●●●●?

That is unconventional, but I did just try texting your serial number and authorization code.

For both licenses.

That’s what I thought.
Just to confirm, I received my 2 authorization codes via text.
Thank you for your prompt response.
That’s the kind of exceptional support service I would expect.

I both copied and pasted and typed in each character manually, yielding the same results.

I have the previous version of SketchUp Pro installed.
Could this be a reason why I’m not able to access SketchUp 2021?

Just to confirm, I was finally able to open my perpetual version of SketchUp Pro 2021.
Thanks for your assistance with this, Colin.
Greatly appreciated.

Happy that something worked.

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