More perpetual license for 2020

I am really tired of these issues,

Why are we getting messages when we open Sketchup saying “our trial has expired” or the attached?

We own our several perpetual licenses for 2020, we are signed in , why are we still getting messages like these?

Did you add the classic license info in the welcome screen?

the licenses have been in the welcome screen since we got the updated licenses back in September of last year.

if we close the messages and we keep trying to open files, it will open after several tries and work fine.

Have you tried signing out, closing SketchUp, and back in?
FWIW you only need to be signed in in SketchUp for the Warehouses (access and downloads)

The point is this should not be happening at this point. We are hooked up to the internet so it can check the license(s) for our business. what else do we need to do? having to close out and sign back in slows our productivity.

The Trimble ID system was changed last Sunday. Hopefully what you saw was SketchUp trying to check in with the old system, and having problems doing that. Now that you’re signed back in again you are on the new system, and should not see the same error again.

I will have everyone on our team logout and resign in, but just to let you know some people in our office we were having this problem before last week.