Renew Sketchup License notification?

I get this pop up notification when I open SketchUp now. Just started happening this morning. I’ve contacted my Trimble account manager and she doesn’t know how to answer my question I guess.
My question to her was, “Why am I getting this message and do I need to do anything about it?”

We have a subscription that doesn’t renew until March of 2023. I just want to make sure that I don’t lose anything after this expiration date it is giving me. Especially all my extensions.


What do you see if you go to and look at your products?
Screenshot - 10_3_2022 , 3_35_50 PM

It says I’m an Active User for SketchUp Pro.

What does it say about the expiration date? I showed mine in the previous post.


Make sure SketchUp was installed correctly. Find the downloaded installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator, and when prompted, choose Repair.

Are you still using SU2021 as indicated in your profile?

No, we’re using Pro 2022. Does it matter that I am using SU in the US for the first time since last Thursday when I was in Vancouver for the SU convention? I did sign out and sign back in though this morning and still had this message pop up. I’ll update my profile in the meantime.

It shouldn’t matter where you’re using it. Try repairing the installation as I suggested.

Working on it. (Queue Jeopardy music). The repair went quickly, now just waiting for my model to open. It’s getting slower and slower lately.

Probably needs a good purge.

It’s only 9636kb. Anyway, that worked. You always have the answer! Thanks DaveR!!!

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What worked? Repairing the installation or purging your file?

Repairing the installation worked. I marked it as the solution earlier in the thread.

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Hi again,

Today I opened layout and this happened. Shouldn’ve the repair from yesterday fixed this as well?


You’d think so but maybe not. Now that you’ve opened LO, quit and repeat the steps from yesterday.

That worked again. Thank you!

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Try to sign out, and back in via the help menu.

Could you try to open StyleBuilder and check what it says as expire date?

Did you add a classic (temporay) 3DBC livense last week?
You can ignore it, or remove it in the classis tab in the welcome screen.

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This could be it. That temp license expires in two days, if you have a Pro subscription you could go ahead and remove the classic license.