Suddenly SketchupPro won't access my subscription license with 10+ months on it

My MacBookPro’s SketchupPro23 app has stopped being able to find my license, yet when I visit my account on line, it shows my sketchup pro license is not due to expire until Nov 9, 2024. When I click “manage licensing” within sketchup, it only offers to start another trial of free sketchup, which I do not want, but “about sketchup” says SketchupPro 23.1.341, so it seems I have the correct app open. How do I get it to find my license and let me open my files? This is not the first time I’ve had problems getting App to find the license, but it usually happens just after renewal, and the “Manage Licensing” usually shows a Pro license, but not this time. What gives? I need help or can’t do my work!

It sounds like you are signed in with the incorrect email address.
Sign in here, and ensure you have a license assigned to yourself under members…

Already did that login to Trimble site, which is how I could find expiration date for my sketchupPro license, still 10 months away. But if the sketchup app is looking at the wrong account suddenly (because I had pro working with all my extensions, then it just quit), how do I redirect the app to the correct account? I see no place to put in an account#, nor does Trimble site display my account number, other than in url address. This is far more frustrating than any other software license I have to deal with, where you can put in an account number and passcode and it works. They tried to dumb it down and made it so stupid it can’t be fixed.

Your email does look like it has Pro until November 9th 2024 (happens to be my birthday).

But, that email doesn’t have any extensions assigned to it. What email have you used in the past for getting extensions?

It is not an extension from Sketchup or Trimble, it is the DesignPH (ruby extension) from Passive House Institute in Germany

Is it possible to convert a 2023 subscription license to an off-line classic license that doesn’t require an internet connection to keep verifying the license and locks you out of your own files if you don’t have an internet connection? I spend more time just trying to get sketchup to recognize me so I can open my own files. It is terribly frustrating and I wish I could dump sketchup altogether if I’m locked into this subscription internet license verification, but unforunately it is the only way to open the design PH files created in sketchup, which I have to do for my job. I’ve used SKetchup since Sketchup6 and used to love it, before Trimble got its hands on it and had to make it so complicated. Perpetual licenses are far better experience for the users; subscriptions only profit corporations.

No. They don’t do off-line Classic licenses and haven’t for several years.

Please update your forum profile. It shows you are using SketchUp 2021.

There are no account numbers. Everything is assigned and managed through your email address. Ensuring you have the correct email under the “Members” tab in the portal and when signing into SketchUp is how you gain access.

If you have never installed any extension, and are only using a custom extension, then that would make sense, that you don’t have any showing in your account.

Your email looks ok, that subscription should be working. When you sign in you can then be offline for 28 days, before it asks for you to sign in again.

I’m having similar issue also. My subscription shows it expires in AUG 2024 and the app is telling me its running out today and sketchup have charged my credit card for two subscriptions several months early. They now say its might take several days to get my money back. Trimble / Sketchup did the same thing a year ago. Very frustrating the amount of time spent trying to contact them to get it resolved

I can see the two subscriptions that were started a year ago, and started again now. I also see the two you bought that ends in August.

I’m not sure what the solution is going to be. If you’re already in touch with support they are the best ones to sort things out. I will check to see if they do already have a case going on with you.

I did check, and someone is working on your case.

This is the issue. There is only me I don’t need two subscriptions. I paid for one subscription back in AUG 17th 2022. They charged me for an extra seat unknown to me. So its only 6 months later they charged me for another 2 seats. The payment came out of my paypal account on a auto renew. I did not allow this. Ive asked for a refund and at the time I realize Ive been charged for the additional seat. Now they keep asking for more information and just say they are working on it.
I’m now getting warnings my subscription runs out today!
So Ive been ripped off six months and charged for 2 seats I never wanted. Great work Sketchup!