I just paid for a new yearly license

Hello SketchUp Management,

It’s silly @colin (web subscription) errors like this that pop up when I have recently payed for the renewal of my yearly license that question the professionality of the product.

I’m a long-time working landscape designer using SketchUp, whether I’m amateur or semi-professional, but when I receive messages like this it makes me question how solid the software is.

All these ‘upgrades’ that are made seem to only make the product less usable and more confusing.

What happened to “less is more”?


Check your account settings at myaccount.trimble.com
The member that is listed should also have product access.
Depending on the checkbox ‘Automatically assign’, this might not be the case.
You might have to restart SketchUp again.


Each copy of SketchUp that you are signed in under counts as a new sign in. That message can show up if you are still signed in under SketchUp 2019 and 2020, even on that same machine. If you were to try to sign in with 2019, 2020, 2021, on two computers, that will seem like 6 sign ins.

Open the older versions and make sure you are signed out.

Excuse my dumb complaint. It was late at night and I was trying to get a project finished. Thanks for the info.

Daniel O’Kane

SketchUp’s message “You are not licensed” could perhaps be refined to be more informative in various scenarios. If the scenario here was that the user was signed in too many times for their license allotment, it would be nice if the message stated that condition, and maybe suggested that the user sign out of some active session(s) on the same or other computers.

That would be a great change for this and any error message.

Offer the user a method of fixing the error rather than just stating ‘error’.

A human devised the code to activate this error message, maybe same human could change message and offer a solution to fix?


Daniel O’Kane