Sketchup stopped working

Support for our site license end date on 03/20/2021 and our product has stopped working. it should not since this is a perpetual license. when i went to the tech support and filed out the online form and hit send it got this:

Please let me know what we need to do.
Temporarily Unavailable
The website that you’re trying to reach is having technical difficulties and is currently unavailable.
We are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it. Thank you for your patience.
We do not want to update to subscription and from everything I’ve read it should keep working.

Please help

got the message through on the tech site, but the question still stands. why would the program stop working if we have perpetual licenses? we should only lose support RIGHT?


Hello, why do you Say it stopped working ? Can you describe what the problem you’re faced to is ?

We have 8 Seat and people are getting the attached message.

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Perhaps @colin can check on the status of things?

Do I need to contact this person?

The “@” reference I inserted in my prior reply will get his attention eventually.


What are the first two letters of the license and what version have you installed?

af v2020

AF ? Are you sure?

VA possibly

Ok the first letter represents the version, which is correct (eg. V= version 2020, W=2021). The second is ‘A’, which stands for ‘commercial’.
I asked because some classic network licenses do expire ( ‘H’ or ‘F’ for educational, ‘S’ for Private server, those expire after a year)
The last three refer to the reseller ( eg. ‘ALR’ means ‘At Last, Reprise’)

EDIT: If you where under maintenance and received a serial for the 2021 version (somewhere half of last november) activating that would trigger a two month ‘grace’ period, in which you could activate both versions. After that period, you all need to work with the latest version. You can only use one version with a network license.

So, did any of you activated the 2021 version?

the users can’t in our office.
its controled by our IT department.

we are down right now and they really do not know how to address this issue. So I am asking, i’ve been working with SKU since the old day and i use to work with the parent companies a few years ago.

So, you best asked them, then. Here’s the scenario: IT receives the new serial. Tries to see if it works…bang! 60 days grace period starts…

Out of the blue, the old stops working and IT hasn’t installed the new, yet…

I am sure you have the new serial, are you prepared to use 2021?

it they have received it can we use the license now?

The new serial (starting with 'WA-…) can be used to activate version 2021

I will contact them in the morning and let them know.
thanks for all your help with this.

sorry, I was doing 2 things at once.
this will also work on our 2020 versions, right?
we have not installed the 2021

No, it won’t. Each version has it’s own serial number (V=2020, W=2021)