Sketchup 2021 for Schools License Expired

We have been using Sketchup Pro 2021 (for schools) all last school year and now it says license expired. is there any possibility we can continue to use this or even an older version?
We do a large amount of rendering and do it on the local machines here in our school lab. We cannot use the online version as it does not allow 3rd party rendering extensions. Please give us some hope even if it is an older desktop version.
Thank you.

Please don’t double post. It creates confusion and is against forum rules.

Sorry, I thought this was the forum for where you mentioned I should post. Do you have a link to where I can post this issue?

I wasn’t suggesting that you post in the forum again. I suggested you contact Education Customer Support and provided the link in that post.

Yes I clicked that link and title of the forum was Educational Sketchup support yet it seemed to post back here again. I apologize and doing the best I can to reach them. I will delete the other post.

Try this link: Contact Education | SketchUp Help

Thank you. That looks like the right place. Apologize again for the mess up here.

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You need to buy a new license, they’ll expire after a year.

Contact your reseller (check in your mailbox) and specify the version.