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I purchased a 5 seat network license of 2016 Pro w/ maintenance and support on 11/3/2016. I wasn’t interested in continuing support, so I let that lapse, and now, randomly, today 3/28/18, no one in the office can open sketchup/layout because the license has expired. Can someone please explain what is going on? Did I pay for the use of the program for one year (+4mos 23days), or SUPPORT for one year? Do I have to continue with a maintenance contract that I don’t use (we’re all still using 2016) just to keep using the program? Also, sales and service is utterly unreachable whilst my entire office waits for someone to fix/renew my license. I would love to get some service. - Thanks, Tom


Hi Tom! Can you screenshot the error you’re seeing? It looks like our license server might be experiencing some issues, which might be what you’re dealing with (as opposed to a license that simply isn’t working.)


I received an email from
Jessica Kubik
Inside Sales | SketchUp | Sefaira
Trimble Inc.
saying it was a network issue, and it’s fixed now.
But I will pose the question to you, will my license cease to work at some point in time and I will be required to upgrade? Is there a limit on my current license?



There is no limit on the license itself so you can continue to use that for as long as you please. But since your maintenance and support package has expired, you will need to purchase a new license should you ever like to use a newer version.


buying a new full license is not required until the maintenance runtime termination plus 3 years (as in this case) is not reached, an upgrade to the recent version by reinstating the maintenance does suffice:

SketchUp License Manager
SketchUp Shop
Local Resellers


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