Is there a way to run SketchUp 2016 on a 2017 license?

I gave up trying to run Sketchup 2017 since it’s too slow when any plugins are enabled, and my Sketchup 2016 license expired. Is there any way to run Sketchup 2016 on a 2017 license?

AFAIK, SU licenses never expire. You should be able to continue to run SU 2016 as long as it remains on your computer.

Nope, it’s definitely telling me it expired. Here is a copy/paste of the message it is showing me when I try to run it:

Your SketchUp Pro license has expired.

Tip: Contact the company that provided your SketchUp Pro license to renew your license.

I am confused by this because I still have SU 8, SU 2013, SU 2014, SU 2015, & SU 2016 (PRO) on various computers. Although I currently use SU 2017 as my primary design tool, I periodically open the other versions…each works as expected even though the time for the one year license has long since passed. The maintenance agreement is what is affected by the license. If the program was purchased legitimately, it should work indefinitely, you just lose the ability to upgrade to the next version if you wait beyond the one year period to renew the license.

If your system refuses to load SU, I would try reinstalling it by running as administrator and reapplying the same authorization code that was provided at purchase.

I’m using a network license via the company I work for, so I’m a bit of a special case. I’m pretty certain network licenses expire yearly.

Network licenses expire after a grace period, subsequent to installing a newer network license.

SketchUp User Guide: Understanding your license type says:

Also schools with a network lab license are using a network license that expires after a year.

I would say that if they issue a rollback license, you would need to deauthorize the SketchUp 2017 Pro license on that machine, as a prerequisite. So, you’ll need to contact Pro support directly regardless.

SketchUp Help Center User Guide

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