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I’m simply trying to find out how long Sketchup 2016 will continue to run in a classroom lab environment if one of the workstations is upgraded to Sketchup 2017. Ij’m told that last year when we upgraded a user to 2016, all of the 2015 installs stopped working after a certain time period. I have an instructor that is wanting to be upgraded to 2017 but am hesitant to do this if 2016 will then stop working.


You should contact Customer Support directly with this question. They should be able to get you the right answer.

Network licenses are for one version only , if your maintenance contract is active, you should have received an email with latest serials and autorisation code. BUT : hardware requirements for version 2017 are higher than previous versions, test these on the workstation with the lowest specs (graphic card!)
Check tool :
SketchUp Checkup | SketchUp Help

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I was under the assumption that instructor licenses were free and separate from the student lab licenses ?

Regardless you might be able to take the instructor’s machine out of the equation, by removing it’s 2016 license. From the SketchUp menu:
Help > License… > (License tab of Welcome dialog) > Remove License… (button)

… but yes to be sure, get direct advice from SketchUp Technical Support (link at bottom of links below.)

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Contact SketchUp Support

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