Two version of SketchUp

I have two licenses, is it possible to run SketchUp 2015 and 2016 on the same computer?

Yes. Each version installs independently of the others.

@sketch3d_de, your statement is valid for NETWORK license. However, if a single seat SketchUp 2015 is authorized the user can continue using it even after 60 days, but, no new machines can be authorized .

To be clear

a) The 2015 license will change status to “pending deactivation”, once the FIRST activation of the new 2016 license has takes place.

b) This state WILL ALLOW the user to activate the 2015 license on any NEW machines, additionally, this state starts a 60 DAY COUNTDOWN timer.

c) At the END OF THE 60 DAYS, the 2015 license will deactivate and NO NEW activations of the 2015 license will be possible.

d) And on machines where SketchUp 2015 is already authorized

  • SINGLE USER license will continue to WORK and the user may use SketchUp 2015
  • NETWORK license will NOT WORK and the user will have to use SketchUp 2016

Hope this is clear

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