Downloaded Pro 2016 trial yesterday but says license is expired

New to sketchup, a friend recommended it so I downloaded the free 30 day trial of Pro 2016 yesterday. Went to start playing with it today and it says my license has expired and it won’t let me do anything. Looked through help topics to uninstall and reinstall and it says to click on start and control panel but everything is grayed out and either way, there is no start option. I realize I’m a complete newbie and I may be missing something really obvious but would love some help. Thanks!

Start menu and system control panel of Windows (for uninstalling), not SU.

did your network adapters (LAN, WLAN) change (e.g. be disabled) between installation and occurence of the problem?

do SU installation and first launch with admin. rights by e.g. doing a right-click on SU icon and selecting “Run as Admin” from the context menu.

Hi! Had the same problem and did everything mentioned including running as admin. Nothing seems to work… Is there any other issues why this could happen? I downloaded it yesterday and it was already expired
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: