SketchUp Pro Licence "Expired" You appear to be offline

I have a 2018 Pro perpetual licence. This morning I have just been met with a message saying the licence has expired or it was created on another PC…?

This is not the case, it gives me an option to put info in, but it keeps saying I am Offline. I am not offline at all.

Is there some sort of technical issue going on?

How can this be fixed, as I need to complete this work today.


Ok, I have read on the forum about editing a data file in the SU 2018 folder from Google to Bing. This was an “internet issue” but it was back in 2021 and related to the 3D Warehouse.

I have edited the file and it now allowed me to input my Authorisation Code and Serial number. (No offline issues) I did this, and now it is saying that SU is installed on too many computers!!!
This is BS.

I only have 2 PC’s. This one I work from in my home office and a PC in my actual office. And that is it. I do have SU on both these machines, but obviously I can not use them both at the same time.

This has been working without any problems since June 2017 Which is when I moved into my work office. I have the exact same setup with AutoCAD.

I will not be able to test this on my Office PC until tomorrow when I go into the office.



It’s 2am on a Sunday morning right now at sketchup’s HQ.

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for support to come on this one. could be a big, could be server issues, we simple users will likely not have the solution.


Thanks for the reply. It’s currently 10:00am on a Sunday morning here in the UK.
I will have to contact my reseller tomorrow morning if SU also fails to work on my Office PC. I might get more luck from them. I will also need to explain to a client why their job has not been completed. :roll_eyes:

If it was working, why did you need to add the license info?

Because I got the screenshot messages when I started SU this morning. It was asking me to remove the licence from this PC or add a licence. See the screen shots. I had my licence info on this PC so I added them.

What was I supposed to do?

Classic licenses shouldn’t expire, one was allowed to activate it on two machines.(+ one spare)
That would be done once.
Did you remove the license?
Or, has something changed? (Motherbord or Windows username)

Exactly!!! That’s my point.
Nothing has changed at all. Absolutely nothing.
Start up SU, and a message saying licence expired and no internet…!!!

The only “similar issue” I have had, is with Windows 10 on this PC at home.
About 3-4 weeks ago I suddenly had a watermark (Activate Windows) on the desktop.
I contact Microsoft who say an update has caused it as my Win 10 was a “Free” upgrade from Win 7.
The only way MS could fix it (India call centre) was for them to have access to my PC to add a “Fix”
I told them no chance I was giving anyone access to my PC.
They said I had to as I was not allowed to see what they were doing…!!!
So I still have the (Activate Windows) in the bottom right hand corner.

I don’t know if the two are connected, but I very much doubt they are.

I sent you a message with details about the three PCs that you activated that license on, in the hope that you can go back to an old machine and remove the license.

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Hello Colin,

Thank you very much for your message.
Much appreciated.

For anyone following along, GWA did find the old PC that no longer needs the SketchUp license.


Thanks again Colin,

Yes, luckily it was in storage and it wasn’t wiped.
As mentioned in the P.M. I have still had to contact tech support as the PC with the issue, still has the error message (This SketchUp Pro license has been used on too many computers)

Crazy how it’s getting on for almost 4 years since this 3rd PC was added and it’s just flagged it up this morning. Hopefully it will be sorted tomorrow.

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