Sketchup Pro trial expired after one day

I got a new MacBook Pro yesterday, and one of the first things I did was download and install theSU 2018 Pro Trial.

After I did that, I realised that although the computer is new, it only had High Sierra OS installed. So I performed the upgrade to Mojave last night.

Today when I try to start SU the licence has already expired!

Until I decommission my old Windows Ultrabook, I don’t yet want to have to remove the licence from that.

Any way I can restore the ability to use the trial version on my new Mac until I stop using SU on the old laptop?

Since you say you installed as a trial, can I conclude that you didn’t install your license on it yet? If that’s right, I suspect that the upgrade to Mojave reset something that affects the trial period. I’d delete everything relevant to SketchUp 2018 on the new computer (including the folders it creates in your personal ~/Library/Application Support and ~/Library/Preferences) and the app itself, then try a clean install.

Exactly right. I don’t want to use the second laptop licence yet.

I’ve already tried a straight reinstall, which (naturally) didn’t work!

I’ll look for and delete the folders you suggest, reboot, and try again. Not a disaster if it doesn’t work, but a nuisance all the same.

Nope. Tried that, first without reboot, then after a reboot. Tx for the suggestion though.

Guess I’ll have to use a different version, maybe SU 2017 Make, and remember to save to a usable version when using 2018 Pro elsewhere, until I can free up the old laptop licence.

Or contact customer support. There may be something at their end that they can reset for you.

I’ll try that tomorrow

Yes, an installation of the OS triggers the servers that there is ‘something going on’ and your trial will end abruptly.
However, if you have an active license, you can use it, why use the trial?
An Active license can be activated on two machines at the same time. Typically a desktop at work and a laptop for ‘on the road’. If you have an internet connection, you can remove and activate it on another machine.

Remember, this procedure is only for active licenses. If you upgraded from an older version, the older licenses can not be activated on new machines.(every version has it’s own serial and authorisation code)

Since a perpetual license of SketchUp is ‘perpetual’, you don’t even have to have an active ‘maintenance and support plan’

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you may want use Chrisitinas plugin “Open Newer Version” for opening recent document versions in older SU versions.

You are surely aware that Make is for non-commercial purposes only, activate your Pro license instead at least if not using simultaneously.

I have a Pro licence, but it’s already in use on both desktop and old laptop.

I’ll decommission the old laptop for SU shortly and then transfer the old licence - I’m just annoyed with myself for not noticing before installing SU that the OS was only High Sierra.

i’ll manage, and thanks for your suggestions.

Edit: PS, I am aware that Make is for non commercial purposes, and that isn’t an issue for me - I use it only for hobby woodworking, and for designing sets for an amateur theatre which is a charitable company limited by guarantee - not commercial.

as a precauton only: remove the license from “Help > License…” with internet available before disposing the notebook or flattening the operating system etc.