Maintenance & Support License

Dear All I just have a short question,

when my Maintenance & Support license runs out, I can still use Sketch UP Pro normally. Right?

So all I lose is just the chance to contact the Support team? Will I have access to updated Version of Sketch Up?

I’m really mad with this support system and Trimble. Another Acc you have to register just to get “help”.

Thank you all for your help!



You can continue using the Pro version for which you have a license.


See Pricing and Other Frequently Asked Questions here.

A Maintenance & Support subscription gives you three great things for one year:

1. License upgrades for major SketchUp Pro releases when they become available.
2. Minor releases which include bug fixes.
3. Access to our technical support resources.
Your first year is included when you buy a new license. If you already have a SketchUp Pro license, you can purchase or renew your subscription to get a license for the latest version of SketchUp Pro.

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