BIG Licencing problem

Using 2019 since some weeks. But still badly needing 2018, because Vray refuses to make 3.6 compatible with skp 2019. So far, no problems.
Until I am forced to switch laptops. (defect) Now 2018 refuses to be licensed on the new machine. But we really NEED 2018 also. As it used to be: older versions were still usable.
How can I resolve this bizarre (made by Trimble) problem?

superseded licences have ‘never’ been transferable to new machines…

SketchUp [even under Trimble] is one of few professional programs that allows you to even continue using older versions after an upgrade…

even though it’s not Trimble’s fault that you won’t upgrade Vray or that your laptop broke, you can contact support and discuss available options…


Other render extensions have made an update for SketchUp 2019, so I am not sure who is to blame?
With each Upgrade, we always tell not to activate new received license info directly, but first try the trial. The moment you activate (=enter the license info) the new version becomes the active one, meaning, you can not activate the older version anymore on a new system. For networked licenses, there is a 60 days grace period, were you can use both versions, after that, everyone has to go along.
Is your license a network? (It has been two months or so since version 2019 was released)