My M&S agreement expires tomorrow. Will I lose the subscription discount if I wait to long?

My M&S agreement expires tomorrow. I already have the latest 2021 version installed. So I am caught up and current. However I received an email that indicates that I can receive a DISCOUNT if I sign up for the subscription plan. See message email text below

"Switch to a SketchUp Pro subscription and get the first two years for just $240 — a $358 savings!But don’t wait too long, the Maintenance & Support on your SketchUp Pro Classic perpetual license serial number: **** expires tomorrow! You’ll still have access to SketchUp Pro 2021, but you’ll miss out on the latest and greatest features and top-notch technical support."

I know that someday, (later?) when I think that Sketchup Pro has some new feature that I want, then I plan to purchase a Pro subscription. However this discount of $240 is kind of making me want to switch now if Iose that discount after tomorrow (when my Maintenance plan expires…

Question; Will I lose the discount of $240 if I wait till after my M&S expires? Or will I always have a discount since I am a legacy Classic license holder.

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That promo ends the second of april (02-04-2021 in normal regions, 04/02/2021 in other)

Edit: according to the faq, that is.

The two year discount is due to the fourth of December this year.
Best to to check sales.