Upgrading from Classic Pro 2020.2 to Classic SU2021.0, but I won't have M&S for it: questions and advice

Hello all,

Observations, answers, and/or advice are most welcome - if you have any. Please, I would appreciate no ranting about the subscription model or otherwise, thank you!

I find myself in an unenviable position which, I am sure, applies to quite a few other people with license expiry dates after Nov 4:

  • My 2020 M&S expires forever tomorrow Nov 26 at midnight.
  • I have my 2021 license with Classic Pro SU2021.0 at the ready, but I haven’t authorized it yet since, according to the SU website, the moment I authorize 2021 in my computer I will not be able to authorize my 2020 license in any other computer - it will be gone for good.
  • Also, after emailing with sales extensively, I have been told that I won’t have access to any patches that might be released for SU2021.0 as I will not have M&S any more. I won’t get the patches even with a subscription, as Classic and Subscription are two completely separate offerings.
  • So, it is very likely that if I authorize 2021 on my only computer, I will be left with a possibly-glitchy SU2021.0 and will lose a stable SU2020.2 forever when I move to a new computer.


My SU2020.2 is very stable for my needs (extensions, SpaceMouse) but SU2021.0 has nested tags, saved files seem to be significantly smaller in size, etc. which make it attractive. Ideally, and for the time being, I would like to authorize 2021 in my computer so I can keep both licenses until I made sure SU2021.0 is at least as stable as SU2020.2


  • Can I do the above within the 30 day grace period after my 2020 M&S expires tomorrow, and does the 30 day grace period still exist now that M&S is no more?
  • If I authorize the 2021 license in my existing computer and find SU2021.0 too glitchy, can I de-authorize 2021 and revert to (downgrade, re-authorize) 2020.2 so I can eventually move it to a new computer. If I can de-authorize 2021/re-authorize 2020, is there a time limit in which this is allowed?

In case I am missing something, or my logic is plain faulty, what would you do in my case: stick with 2020.2 or update to 2021.0 knowing the above constraints?

Thanks for any insight.

As I have it (much in the same boat as you, except my M&S lapses 28 Nov. 2020 and I’ve already authorised my SU2021 license) you have a legitimate license for SU2021 you will have access to any and all minor releases / patches / updates for it, but not for the next major release (SU2022 ?).

I can’t really help with any of your other concerns.

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Thanks for replying Julian, you may want to check below:

This is from sales, asking them last week about the right to have access to patches, etc. for 2021.0 (not 2022 onward):

“…activating a newer version, does set in motion the sunsetting of your access to the previous version.
Since there is no more access to Maintenance and Support upgrades, the 2021 that you have access to now, would NOT be provided with any patch/updates that are made available after your current support expires on 11/26.
You’d need to purchase a subscription to obtain any and all further updates.

"If I may ask for one last clarification for one of your points below:

“You’d need to purchase a subscription to obtain any and all further updates.” Meaning I will be able to have patches/updates for my Classic license of SketchUp Pro 2021 as long as I purchase a subscription, correct?"

No, the subscription would provide you with updates to SketchUp Pro through the subscription log in access only, it has nothing to do with the previous Classic license nor will that license ever be updated again.”

This is way I am worried to go to 2021.0, as much as I would like to. Cannot take the risk of ending up with an “un-patchable” possibly glitchy version of Classic 2021 for the rest of my designing career. I may not continue with subscription two years from now.

Perhaps @colin can chime in here and clarify this?

Fortunately, there is some amount of confusion and misinformation in there. I will check with Sales about how they are interpreting the FAQ.

One part that is true is that when you activate 2021, you can no longer activate 2020 on a new machine. But, things happen, for example, you want to use 2021 to get the latest features, but you have 2020 running an old extension that is never going to be updated to support 2021. Your 2020 machine explodes, and now you can’t activate 2020 on a replacement machine. We can do something about that, and in theory we would do it for people under support with us. Believe me, that doesn’t stop people from asking us to help them to reinstall a long out of support version. SketchUp 7 is my record so far.

Once there is no Classic M&S, I’m expecting that we will still help out current subscribers if they have that problem with their previous Classic version. Also, given that nobody but us can fix the issue, I hope that we would help someone even if they had chosen not to have a subscription.

The part about not getting updates seems like it has been interpreted incorrectly. Nobody with only a Classic license will get the new major updates of SketchUp, the 2022 version for example. But, your 2021 license will work with any upcoming minor update. As you may not be under support anymore, you may not get update notifications, but you will read about the minor updates. If the update looks useful, go and get it from the downloads page, it will work with your 2021 Classic license.

2021 has a new update feature, and I am fairly sure that it will let you know when there is an update, without first checking if you currently have support in some form.

So, I would say take a reasonable gamble, and make sure 2020 is on any machine that might need to work with old plugins, then activate 2021 on the same machines. You are then able to work with the latest version, at least until 2022 is released, and you can still open 2020 if you need to, or if you find an issue in 2021.0 that is annoying enough to make you wait for 2021.1.


Julian, thanks for suggesting that Colin takes a look at this.
Colin, thank you! You came to the rescue at the 11th hour (actually I still have 11 hours until midnight)

I will activate 2021.0 immediately. I sincerely appreciate your team always going the extra mile.


Something you didn’t ask about, but just wanting to make sure you understood your subscription options…

There is an offer you can get, where you can have the first two years of subscription for $240 instead of the usual $598. You could do that now, if you wanted continual support. If you want to take time to think about it, you can still get that amount of discount up until April 3rd 2021. Taking the offer does not stop your existing 2020 and 2021 installs from working, and you could use the subscription on additional machines, it wouldn’t have to be on the same ones that your Classic license is on.

If after two years you decided that the extras that come with the subscription version are not worth the regular $299 per year price, you could choose not to renew, and still be able to fall back on your 2021 license.

One fun fact, 2021 is intended to be future proof. Any files you make with 2022 or 2023 should still open in 2021. You can test that as you go along to be sure that it works.

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Thank you!

I did know about this. However, see below another part of my recent email communication with Sales:

“From one of your previous replies, you said that with my current 2020 license I have within 30 days after it expires to use the 60% offer. Does upgrading my classic license to SketchUp Pro 2021 affect how long I would have now to use the subscription offer at 60% discount? April 3 2021?”

You have until 12/26 to take advantage of 60% off a two-year subscription, beyond that, the discount will be reduced from 60% to 40%”

I was going to go along with Dec 26 reluctantly, given that my interpretation of the information on the “End of Classic License FAQ” webpage was that I had until April 3rd.

This time of the year is when I have most of my business-related expenses and least income, and I like to spread the expenses out as much as possible - April 3rd helps greatly.

You made my day again, Colin.

You can get the 60% discount up to 30 days after your M&S expires, but also everyone gets 60% until April 3rd. So, after December 26th you may be beyond one of the discount dates, but you’re still well within the other one.

After April 3rd anyone not under support, or still within their 30 ‘grace’ period, will see the discount drop from 60% to 40%, and it will stay that way until December 4th 2021. If your M&S ends after March 3rd, you have up to 30 days later to still get the 60% discount.

So just to confirm, 60% off until April 3rd in my case as well.

I believe the clause about getting the 60% discount up to 30 days after M&S expires may be a bit confusing. In my case, Sales took its meaning literally, precluding the clause about not having M&S any longer and being able to wait until April 3rd.


After December 26th you do fall into the category of not having M&S.

There was some confusion in the FAQ, about you having to migrate within 30 days of your M&S expiring. It could be interpreted as meaning you can’t migrate until within 30 days of your M&S expiring. I got confirmation about what it was supposed to mean, and then gave marketing a different way to say it. The one that is there now is my version.

How long can I take advantage of the promotion for?

The promotion is valid through December 4, 2021 with sliding rates. For active customers, a 60% discount is available through December 4, 2021. For customers with an expired M&S plan, a 60% discount is available until April 3, 2021; after this date, a 40% discount is available. If you have an active Maintenance and Support plan, you must convert before 30 days following your Maintenance and Support contract end-date in order to receive the maximum discount.

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