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I would imagine that this may have been answered before, but searching the various threads, they are quite long, and I can not see a definitive answer.

So, if I upgrade to 2021 using my Maintenance and Support for my Classic License, which I have just received from my Reseller, I know I can download 2021 and activate it using my new 2021 Classic License. This would then mean I have 2020 and 2021 on my PC and Laptop, both under a Classic License.

The question is, what then happen if I change to Subscription, which my Reseller is offering at a discount?

Would this new Licensing over-ride the newly activated 2021 License used from my M & S?

This will not be done yet as I want to wait for 2021 to settle down, and the bugs to be eliminated.


Your M&S is good until May 1st, and you would not want to take the subscription offer until then, unless you’re interested in the various extra things that come with the subscription version.

When you have a subscription you can leave your classic license activated, and it shouldn’t do any harm. You also would be able to stay offline for months at a time, with only a subscription you have to sign out and in again every 28 days.

You could keep 2021 classic running on one or two computers, and sign in for your subscription on two other computers. At the moment you only have 2020 activated on one computer, make sure to have finished any moving around of the 2020 license before you activate 2021 for the first time.

2020 and 2021 can both be installed at the same time. There would be no downside to you activating 2021 now, and giving it a try. It may well work better than 2020, but if you hit problems you still will have 2020 to use.

Hi @colin

Many thanks for the reply.

Once I receive my New Laptop I intend to install 2020 on it using my current License.

Then, I will install 2021 on both my Desktop and Laptop using my new License.


Desktop: 2020 and 2021
Laptop: 2020 and 2021

I’ll then go for the Subscription but when will depend on how long the promotional Discount lasts from my Reseller.

Just trying to understand how it works, in the sense that I’ll have 2021 installed on both Desktop and Laptop with a Classic License, but also have a Subscription for the same Desktop and Laptop.


The discount is from us, and it’s due to run until December 4th if you are still under support. As you would not be under support after May 1st, you would want to do the migration then. Doing it now would mean that effectively you have paid for support twice in the next five months, and your special offer two year deal would end in November 2022 instead of May 2023.

What the subscription gives you is access to major updates, so long as you have the subscription. It also gives you unlimited cloud storage, AR features in mobile, VR headset support, and a few other things. If you did use the subscription on those two machines, it would free up your classic licenses to be used on other machines. Or just don’t worry too much, you still will have support and updates from having the subscription, and your 2021 classic license will get the minor 2021 updates as well. The classic license will not get the next major update, whenever that is released.

…and the ability to run the 2022 and later versions of SketchUp at all. That is, when the subscription expires then any versions of SketchUp which were released under the subscription plan could no longer be launched by the ex-subscriber. (As far as I know.)

That’s correct for the next major version. Any 2021.x updates should continue to work, if you had a 2021 classic license.

Hi guys, I have a quick question:
I have subscribed to SU-Pro 2020 and I pay yearly. I understand that it is the “subscription” type. Then what is the “Classic” license?
Thank you.

The former Maintenance & Support ($120 p/y) was not a ‘Subscription’ ( You still got to use the latest version and could continue to work with the version it was upgraded to if you did not pay)
It is called a ‘Classic’ license. Trimble stopped selling those 4 november 2020. The initial cost was $699

With the new Subscription, you pay $299 p/y and when you stop paying, you have nothing left but the Free version.

Some ‘Classic’ owners have migrated their ‘Classic’ into a Subscription with discount. They get to use the version they have swapped or migrated if they stop paying subscription in the future.

Did you migrated your version? Or did you bought a new Subscription?
(I see that you are a member of this forum some time)

So, I am a little more confused. If the offer runs out on the 4th December 2020, surely that means that I need to transfer over before then. Otherwise, if I wait until May 2021, I’ll have to pay the full price for one year.


The offer continues to December 4th 2021, not 2020. Up to the time that your support runs out you can get the 60% off discount. From 30 days after your support ends, and up til December 4th 2021, you could still get 40% off.

Ah, well then, that changes everything :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Thank you @colin One less thing to worry about over the next few months.

I’ll figure out how to do the actual migration nearer the time.

Thank you


Thank you Mike, it is clear now, I have a subscription. I just bought it 4 months ago. before I’ve been using Sketchup for many years, before my 2020 subscription I was using SU 2017. I love SU and now I like Layout.
I wonder if when I renew my subscription (next year), do I get the new version like SU 2021?
Thank you!!

It seems to me that if you have a current subscription, then you should be able to use SketchUp 2021 right now. It was released a few days ago.

WOW!! How do I do that?

Sign out from SketchUp 2020, to make sure you have the spare sign in for 2021 (each one counts as a new sign in). This will immediately give you the 2021 installer:

Install SketchUp 2021, open it, and sign in.

This something that I’m still not clear on despite it seemingly being made clear by yourself, Jack, and by others.

I now have SU2021 active on my machine via a classic license and M&S ( I also have 2020 still active).

If I migrate my 2021 classic license in Feb 2021 to take up the discount subscription offer and at some future time I decide not to subscribe anymore… can I still use SketchUp 2021?

And what happens about the 2020 version that is currently active on my machine?

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Both 2020 and 2021 will still work if you stop subscribing. 2021 will be the last version you have activated, and so it can still have its license removed from an existing machine and then activated on a new machine. 2020 will be in a deactivated state, meaning it will still work on machines that have it already, but it can’t be activated on a new machine, unless you ask me to help with that.

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Thank you Colin.
I use SU 2020 on my desktop and wonder if I can install it on my laptop. In other words, to have it on both computers.

Thank you.

You can have 2021 on both computers, and be sign in on both, but make sure you are signed out from any 2019 or 2020 versions on those computers.