Keep using classic licences after upgrading to subscription

When we converted our classic sketchup pro licenses to subscription, we were told that our classic licences would keep working.
Now If I try to install them, it is not possible to do.
We want to use these licences for interns, so we only need them for a few weeks.

I can’t contact trimble support since I don’t have an active maintance anymore
We upgraded with a local reseller (a connection made by trimble), and they can only serve our new subscription licenses.

Is there a way to install the classic licenses on a new mac?
Is there a way to contact trimble to fix this?



Which version did you use to convert?

most where 2021 and one was 2020

They keep working in the original computers they were installed in. When you install to a new computer, you must use your subscriptions.

They do continue to work the same as they did before. In order to free up an activation, you need to remove it from another where it is installed. Not deinstalling, only removing the license would free up an activation.
[menu] Help > Manage Licensing would pop up the Welcome screen with ‘Licensing’ on the left. Then choose ‘Classic’ on top and choose “remove license”
FTR. you should be able to get support when using the email address that holds the subscriptions, but, since you bought via a reseller, that support ticket would be redirected to the Partner or Distributor by Sketchup USA.

So, there may be a complication. The licenses that were used to take advantage of the two year subscription deal are showing as ‘migrated’ in the license system. I don’t know what that state means in terms of adding an available activation to a new computer.

You might want to contact support, and see what they say. The FAQ made it seem clear that your existing Classic licenses could still be used:

What happens to my perpetual license if I take advantage of this promotion?
Your particular license may still be used, and may be installed on new devices if there are remaining activations. Find more details about license activation here. At this point, Classic Perpetual licenses can no longer be upgraded. When your Maintenance & Support plan expires , you can continue to use the most current version of your classic perpetual license.

@ty_s Heads up about this!

Nothing, only that it can’t be used for another promo. The state should act the same as ‘Active’

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Let’s hope so!

Problem is that I installed the subscription licenses on those computers, so the classic is not there anymore. So I can’t deactivate the license.
Second problem is that the original classic licenses where bought directly from trimble, but the new subscriptions from a local reseller (after trimble redirected me to them).
The reseller can’t reactive the licenses, and with trimble I can’t get support since I don’t have an active maintenance with them.
So I’m a bit in a loop now.

There is no special ‘classic’ or ‘subscription’ installation. There is only one installer.
The difference is in how you activate it. There are two tabs in the Welcome screen [menu] Help > Manage license, one for adding a classic license and one for adding a subscription license or plan (sign in):

If you removed the classic license, It should have freed up the activation ( You may install on two machines, but actually have a spare) It would then become available for use on another machine.

You can easily check by adding one of the converted licenses and then sign out. Note that since you obviously converted more versions

it’s important to check if it is the correct version, each version has it’s own serial number.
Note: check if there are more accounts on that machine.

Note: I presume you have converted multiple Standalone licenses, and not a multiple seat network license. Those won’t work after a conversion.

You can also reach out to support through our Customer Service help page and we would be happy to help you there: Support - Customer Support Question | SketchUp Help
As for the license, you can keep using it for that version as long as you like.

Sorry for the late reply, but I was busy with other stuf.

I tried to contact customer support with the link provided by @ty_s but when I submit I get

Temporarily Unavailable

The website that you’re trying to reach is having technical difficulties and is currently unavailable.

We are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it. Thank you for your patience.

It’s working now.

It should be working now, if you’re still seeing that error, please try a different browser or Incognito window.

I do not wish to add as such to the ‘angry’ words expressed by a number of SU users over the end of the Pro license but…
I bought a Pro license (and I also took up the subscription offer) but I ‘expected’ I could always use the software I had purchased at a future date and that might be on a new machine as it is possible it will fail or need an upgrade. Perhaps I should have read the small print though I notice that in End User license Agreement Version H dated Jan 2021 its does say …

Trimble grants you a non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the Software in machine-readable form on any computer

The software might become out of date but I ‘expected’ I could keep on using it even on on another machine - did I miss something in the legal small print and without wishing to create more ‘angry’ words …is it challengeable? Does seem unreasonable, morally if not legally.

Should any insurance of PC to keep running cover cost of replacing software Pro license with a subscription.

That part is about the license to use the software, not ‘the software’ itself, so to speak.
If you migrated or converted your classic license, you get to keep that and it will work perpetually.
That means moving and removing on different machines.
Offcourse, who knows what new machines will be on the market and what OS’s there will be in the future?
The downward compatibility on Windows is better than on Mac, for instance.
One thing’s for sure, older version never receive updates for OS changes or certain (mostly) webbased functionality. All bugfixes and new features are only released in the ‘latest and greatest’

You may install and activate on two machines and have one spare activation, so be carefull where to put those and remove them if you think you won’t need them for a longer period (or upgrade/sell the machine)
Just uninstalling SketchUp won’t do that automatically.

If you converted your 2021 version, you are in a more comfortable situation than if you converted an older version, because since version 2021, the fileformat has changed to a ‘versionless’ format meaning, that version can read any newer version that are to be released.