Licence upgrade/subscription - I must be a dimbo!


I am confused! I have a SU Pro licence with M & S until Dec 2020. However, when I look at my Trimble account there is no reference to my SU Pro licence, but I have a serial number & an authorisation code.
I received a couple of emails with offers but when I have gone to the checkout there is no discount and I seem to be being offered the chance to buy a pro licence for over £1000 for 2 years.
I have been following some of the debate on here, and was under the impression I could wait until my M & S ran out before I decided whether to go subscription or not, but now I am not sure what I should do. I am aware that today is the ‘last day’ to decide, is that correct? And why am I not seeing a discount…?
Am I being dim? :joy: :rofl:!
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Hi Sally!

I expect you are looking at the Subscription info and since you don’t have a subscription yet, there won’t be anything shown.

As for the discount, that gets applied when you enter the e-mail address associated with your current Classic license and M&S

Hi Dave,

I knew you’d come to my rescue!! I’m looking at my Trimble account, My Products, it shows an active Free licence and an expired Studio trial. But no Pro licence or M & Support. :upside_down_face:

Also, can I renew my M & S from today for a year in case I don’t go subscription, even though it doesn’t run out until some time in December?


It won’t show the classic license which is what you currently have. It’s only set up to show subscription license stuff.

I think you could still renew the M&S today and defer your decision until the end of next October but it’s inevitable so might be worth just getting on with it. That’s up to you, of course.

Thanks Dave, am I right in thinking I can subscribe for $120 per year for 2 years? I think you should be on a percentage from Trimble for clarifying their very confusing communications!! :wink:
And if I did renew my M & S would I still get a reduction when it expires or would it be full price to subscribe next year?

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Yes. That’s what they are saying.

Thank you. When I ask they tell me my reward will be great in heaven or something. :crazy_face:

I’ll admit, that isn’t totally clear to me. @colin has made some comments that make it appear that you could still get the deal but I’m not 100% clear on that myself.

oh glad it’s not just me, I have been thoroughly confused by what I’ve been sent and seen! I’ll wait for @Colin to confirm before the end of play here!

Stay safe Dave xx

I think I would just go ahead and do the subscription in December. At this point it’ll be the same price for the following year and you’ll be good for two years.

You stay safe, too.

We should chat some time.

I’m still wondering whether to subscribe or just stick with the latest version which will probably serve my needs…even if I don’t get the latest new things…

I’ll pm you for a catch up.

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You’re not able to renew your M&S, when it runs out in December that’s the end of Classic support for your license. SketchUp and the license will continue to work, but if you need support after December 18th you would need to be on a subscription by then.

You can get the 60% discount at any time from now til April 3rd. It wouldn’t make sense to migrate before December 18th, because you already have support until then.

Thanks Colin, that helps clarify things a bit. So people who have support ending soon haven’t got the option to renew even if they want to do so early? So many :question: s ! Was this meant to be an easy change?! :grinning:

Anyone whose support ends tomorrow or later won’t be able to renew support. And no, you can’t renew early as a work around.

Sally, my apologies. I didn’t know you can’t update the Classic M&S early.

no worries Dave, thanks as always for your help. None of it was very clear!

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Hello Sally -P what is M&S ?
Do I understand you right, there is problems with subscriptions of SketchUp pro 2020?


Hello Pieters, M & S is for maintenance and support. My questions were about seeking clarification about the changes to the way Sketchup Pro is being offered by Trimble. Subscription rather than a maintenance and support system. Hope that helps, it has been a little confusing!

Kind regards, Sally

Hi Sally thank you I was reading you review and I myself have a similar problem. I do not get any feed back from the Trimble account or the SketchUp.
Well I understand that the there is just one company SketchUp but there is a difference between the contrary you are in.
So if I wherein USA then there is no problems, if you are in Europe then it have some problems and if you are from down under well there is a big deference. I think might be wrong , there is lots of scammers and taking money for subscriptions and when you query you are stuck. Like my case I have brought the SketchUp pro subscription less than 14 days ago and want to change that to Australia based SketchUp for biter and quicker support due to the time and Days difference.
I have apply many times to the support structure and there is now reply, only the one strait after you lanced the complain.
If I can just get one single feedback from them just saying we are looking at it we did received it and they work on it no the automate response is a computer and not the person it self like n persons name.
I have contact the Australian side but they said I must ask for refund and then go through them, well that is a bit to late.
I do not want to loos my money and although they said it is in my 1st 14 days well I do not get any response Sketchup/Trimble Europe/ Netherlands
I am out of options.

Maybe @colin can help you. I hope you get it sorted soon. :grinning:

The migration promotion has led to quite a lot more support requests than usual, and in customer service especially they have a backlog of messages to reply to.

I found your messages from Sunday and Monday, and have set a refund process going. You requested the refund within the 14 days, so there should be no problem with the refund being processed. You can continue to use SketchUp until the refund turns off your existing subscription, and then while you make contact with the Australian distributor you can still be using SketchUp as a 30 day trial.

Thank you Colin this reply is more like it the time diffrens between Australia and USA is about 3days on sundays I catch Fridays youtube live cast meating it is unbelievable slow or drag in time