SU Price increase 10th July 2023 ! (UK)

I just had an SU sales e-mail teasing me to upgrade from my old Classic Pro-perpetual-license to a Pro-subscription license with 20% off, due to a SU price increase on 10th July. However, the punchline of the increase was missing !

Subscription software isn’t my thing if I can avoid it, I’d rather pay more for the Perpetual route. Anyway, I looked at the pricing on my account, UK-£ is £245.00+vat = £294.00 but no sign of the 20% discount. I’m guessing it will be at the ‘checkout’ stage, but that needs to be confirmed prior if I’m to press that blue-checkout button !

I just checked on our payment history and my company paid £282 a year in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and it went up to £294 for our annual subscription in April this year. I’m not sure if that incorporates the new increase or that means another is on the way for our payment next year.
But only increasing 12 quid in 3 years is pretty good.

I understand what you mean about perpetual vs subscription though. And personally, if I was forced to go subscription, I’d want the 2022 version and not 2023. It just works better, for me anyway.

The UK price is attached to the exchange rate of the US price, I think the price went up maybe £10 last year because of that - that’s the difference ex VAT that you are seeing there.

The RRP is increasing to £279 ex VAT on July 10th.
You are able to pay for a renewal up to 60days before your subscription finishes , so you can actually queue up your next year subscription at the cheaper price.

If you are in the UK, I can put you in touch with a U.K. Authorised SketchUp Reseller - they are often a little cheaper than RRP.
As well as saving a few quid, they provide phone and email support from inside of the UK and often have other payment terms available for business customers.

@CJT1963 they are also able to process a migration with the 20% discount for you.

Drop me a DM or email and one of the team at Elmtec can put you in touch with a reseller - we are the Distributor for SketchUp in the UK and Ireland

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Thanks Cappo & Adam,
I’m still on the fence on this one, as SU isn’t my everyday CAD workhorse.

I have seen some forum posts with SU ver2023 not behaving, but not sure if wide spread or just ones own setup. Also, my PC shout’s at me now & then saying its up to speed & can be upgraded to Win-Pro 11.00. I usually just upgrade, as not had any Windows-Pro issues before, but have read some hiccups with Win-11, so that also needs some thought.

So for now, I might just stick with Win-Pro-10 & SU-Pro-21 to avoid getting stressed :confused: out, as busy with work at the moment.

Hi there,

Just looked at your site, you got some nice examples of plans on there. Are you an architect? If not how did you get into doing that?


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