Help with subscription loyalty discount... apparently?

I have a currently active Pro classic licence & I’ve received an email stating that, as a long time user of pro I get the first 2 years of subscription for $240 (£184). But if I click to subscribe, it is at full cost of £892 ?? If I sign in to Trimble, it states that I have free version only… Proper confused!

Is it possible you used a different email when purchasing classic license?

Yep… Just realised! Thanks for the reply

I have been wrestling with this also. It seems you have to click the ‘login and checkout’ button to go through the motions of purchasing the subscription. The system then confirms your email address and incorporates the promo code if you are a current support customer. It works - just not very intuitive…

I ditched it & bought through a uk retailer. Much easier!

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Against the grain.

About the seeing Free in your account page, that’s because you have a Classic license, and the account page only shows subscription products. That’s where your Pro subscription will appear.

You go here to check on the state of your Classic license:

It would be nice to have one page that shows all of a customer’s purchases, products, subscriptions, entitlements, lucky charms, whatever. To many of us, the distinction between an account, a subscription, a license, etc. is rather subtle and confusing.


That would have been nice, but as Classic licenses will go away soon, I don’t think it will happen.

Don’t you expect that current customers may want to check on the status of their classic licenses for some time (maybe years) to come?

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I am sure they will, and the idea is a good one. But as it hasn’t happened in the few years that there have been subscription products, I’m doubtful about it happening in the future. I would be happy to be wrong about that.